History of Medicine


History of Medicine

Medicine is the science, art, and philosophy of treating a disease and managing the whole clinical management of the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, palliation or control of the illness. Medicine encompasses various medical practices developed over time to keep and restore good health by the proper prevention and early intervention of disease. The advances in medicine have helped people live better lives by improving their health and longevity. Although we now know much more about how the body works, the field of medicine has still not been able to discover all the intricacies of the human condition. Medicine continues to work on understanding the complexity of the human body to provide and maintain good health and cure or prevent diseases.

Modern medicine as we know it today started with the Ancient People of Egypt, who developed and used medical procedures and medicines long before chemistry, physics and other branches of science came into being. The early medicine was founded on the belief that “As Man Shatteth Earth, So He Shatteth His Own Body.” Therefore, the practice of medicine was founded on the fact, “As Man Todens the Earth, So He Todens His Own Body.” Because of this, ancient people used herbs and plants that allowed them to heal and treat diseases. These discoveries were eventually passed down from generation to generation and medicine has come a long way since then.

Modern medicine incorporates many branches of medicine like pharmacology, obstetrics/gynecology, surgery, diagnostic procedures such as x-rays and blood tests, hospital services, research and development, nursing, epidemiology, pharmacology, surgery, toxicology, physiology, heredity, neurology, anatomy, and biochemistry. There are currently around 12 thousand medicines in human circulation, according to the World Health Organization; there are more than one hundred thousand surgical procedures performed every year in hospitals all over the world. The scope of medicine is vast and interesting; it is also a great source of revenue for the pharmaceutical industry because the profits generated from the sale of pharmaceuticals are a major source of income for most countries.

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