The role of a Pharmacy Technician


The role of a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy is the medical discipline which combines pharmacy science and medicine and is charged with the discovery, synthesis, manufacture, disposition, safe and efficient utilization, and regulation of medicines and other drugs. It is a division in HealthCare Industry, which is considered as one of the large consumers of prescription medicines as it prepares the prescription forms for the users after verifying the medical history and stability of the person. It also provides various consultation services and aids to the patients in providing consultation on their drug prescription. With the increasing needs of customers regarding drugs and medicines, pharmacy industry has developed a well-structured system. But due to the increasing number of challenges and risks pharmacy industry is facing now days.

In this pharmacy technology, there are two systems for providing medications, which are mainly pharmacy management and home care pharmacy. Home care pharmacy generally deals with un-prescribed medicines and over the counter drugs, while the other system is managing the prescriptions and providing medical guidance to the patients. The management pharmacy mainly provides medicines to the patients under a doctor’s prescription and provides advice on the medications and also monitors the health-related conditions of the patient. These pharmacies provide all types of medication to its customers and helps in providing relief from various kinds of diseases. But with the development of new technologies, the traditional pharmacy is now facing a tough competition, so you need to be careful about selecting an efficient home care pharmacy.

Home Care Physician: A person who is not qualified to practice as a doctor can work as a pharmacist, providing quality consultation on medicines, medical diagnosis and treatment. There are several companies that are providing services like consulting pharmacy for the patients. The pharmacist may work independently or may be associated with some company that is providing services for dispensing medicines under license. The main role of a home care physician is to offer medical advice to the patient under professional and convenient environment and to develop a relationship with the patient for further medical guidance.

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